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JR Hehnly's blog

May 12, 2012 - South Plains, Texas Tornado and Giant Hail

Spectacular looking tornado crosses the highway in front of me ust north of South Plains, Texas. Lost windshield and one back window in the hail. Plus it broke paint in a few places. Worth it, though, for the awesome backlit view of the tornado!

See my pictures from the day at

May 9, 2003 - Oklahoma City Tornado

Followed a storm from it's initiation near Fort Cobb all the way into Oklahoma City where it produces a night-time tornado with a path though the northwest side of the city. The frequent power flashes made the tornado somewhat easy to keep track of as it tore through the city. Additional images from the day are viewable here.

May 5, 2002 - Happy, Texas Tornadoes

Here's my video of the tornadoes in and close to Happy, Texas tornado from May 5, 2002.

Unfortunately, even though the sirens can be heard to be activated well before the storm reached the town, a couple remained in a mobile home and lost their lives as a tornado went through the middle of the town.

My photos from the day are viewable here.

May 3, 1999 - Oklahoma City, Moore, Midwest City Tornado Damage

I shot this video the day after the devistating May 3, 1999 hit the Oklahoma City metro area. Most all of this video was from areas sustaining F4 damage. Photos and chase summary can be seen here.

May 3, 1999 - Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak

 Here's some video from my chase on May 3, 1999. Saw numerous tornadoes in southwest and central Oklahoma. Photos and chase summary can be seen here.

April 17, 2013 - Soutwest Oklahoma Wall Cloud and Funnels

This rapidly rotating wall cloud comes very close to producing a tornado just northeast of Frederick, OK on April 17, 2013. Small vorticies can be see intermittently forming and then rotating around the base of the wall cloud.

April 21, 2005 - Southeast Kansas, Parsons Tornado

This video begins as a funnel cloud forms to my west near Parsons, Kansas. Shane Adams is heard on the radio warning me to move out. From his perspective behind me it appeared I was directly under the funnel. It passed a little to my north, however, toughing down in the trees a few hundred yards away. Next, the tornado intensified as it moved through open fields northwest of Parsons. After the tornado dissipated, the storm cycled and produced another very photogenic tornado northeast of Parsons. The last clip, shown at 4x speed, is of the last tornado of the day as the tornado crossed the Neosho River south of St. Paul.

More images from this day, and a map of the chase route can be seen here.

May 20, 2012 Annular Solar Eclipse in West Texas

Here is a time-lapse of the solar eclipse I watched on May 20, 2012 near Bledsoe, TX, west of Lubbock on the New Mexico border.

May 29, 2012 Central Oklahoma Storms Time-Lapse

Here's some time lapse of the the storms on May 29, 2012 northwest of Oklahoma City, first near Kingfisher, then ending up south of Piedmont. The video is at 6X speed, except the end where the baseball size hail begins falling just as a funnel cloud drops from the storm. I made a hasty retreat southward and ended up missing the tornado behind me.

Go behind the scenes of a tornado chase

Here's a video by ABC15 in Arizona who accompanied us on Weather Decision Technologies' storm chase in late May, 2011. ABC15 is part of the Scripps Television Station Group who sent the film crew out to follow along and to promote their website. I was 40 pounds heavier at the time! So glad I'm not carrying that around anymore!!! Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate with us on this day and we saw no tornadoes.

The original story is available here.


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