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Blocking Annoying Facebook Apps

Apps can be annoying for some Facebook users. Friends playing apps can leave a newsfeed cluttered with random announcements of their wonderful accomplishments on Big Truck Driver, Jewel Collector, Russian Mob Killers, or whatever app happens to be popular that day. There is an option to 'hide' and app's post by clicking the 'x' on the right of the post and selecting 'Hide':

BUT, that doesn't keep the app from interacting with you in the future, even if you then select 'Hide all by ...'

If you are looking at a friends wall, you don't even get the option to click the 'x' next to the newsfeed item and select 'Hide'.

Recent changes by Facebook now allow a friend's app to post on YOUR wall! These must be BLOCKED to shut them up forever for you. Fortunately, any app on Facebook can be blocked if you know the two or three easy steps to track down the 'Block App' link.

The first thing we need to do is get to the app's Facebook page. Look for the 'via' link in the app's post. I've highlighted the 'via' in this image:

From here it's easy, just find the 'Block App' link on the left:

Sometimes, though, you are sent to a page asking permission to use your info. Don't click 'Allow'!!! Instead, click on the app's page link in the upper left and then block as described above:

Here's my list of blocked apps as of January 20, 2012: